At kös organic skincare, we care about skin, only skin. We believe the ultimate makeup is great skin. 


Unlike everything else in the universe of cosmetics, great skin is an unwavering fundamental, never a trend. Kös will never offer nail polish, mascara, or haircare. These would serve only to distract us from our core belief. These are areas for others to specialize in--we do skin, and we're very proud to say that we do it very, very well.


Our mantra is also our corporate motto: "if eyes are windows to the soul, what is your skin?"


Surely by now, most of us understand the connection of diet, rest, hydration and skin. Certainly the professionals, the models do. Many of our best clients are models. While they are publically paid to endorse mainstream skincare brands, they secretly wear ours. No, they don't do it as any favor to fellow model, Eleni. The modeling world does not work that way. It's a dog-eat-dog world and to a large degree populated by lone wolves. They utilize Facial4because it provides an obvious competitive advantage. The results are spectacular and immediate (10-30 days), and lasting. In fact, some model clients have even left reviews on our individual product pages. For obvious reasons, most, of course, will not.


What is it we do?


We scour the planet for its finest organic ingredients and we scour history. Odd combination? Maybe, but like many things in life, that which one most seeks is often right under one's nose. 


Here's an example: for thousands upon thousands of years, Indians have used turmeric for many, many things, including diet, including beauty. It's safe to say that by trial and error they understand the unique properties of turmeric better than anyone. But a few thousand miles to the east, much of South East Asia is equally specialized in their local ingredient, sandalwood. In another corner of the planet, native Americans for centuries used bentonite clay. What we at kös do is take these many billions of hours of local experiences, and carefully blend the world's finest forms of those ingredients to produce, in this case, OrganicMask that has the pulling power of a mule, yet gentle enough to use 3 or 4 times a week.


Another example is our FacialScrub: mix volcanic pumice with a little of the world's finest organic coconut oil and blend it with the soothing and antiseptic qualities of New Zealand's Manuka honey and you get an exceptional, highly effective, everyday organic exfoliant. But within Facial4 the role of exfoliant serves a most special purpose, for the two products that immediately follow it, face & eye, both contain tamanu


Tamanu oil (South Pacific islands, Vietnam) combines many rare and wonderful properties, one of which is cicatrization--the ability to speed the regeneration of new skin cells. If you have just exfoliated your face and follow it with the world's finest agent of cicatrization, the skin cells of your face quickly change for the better. Keep repeating the process and your skin quickly goes from strength to strength. Such is Facial4. It's that simple.


So important to kös is the care of skin that we do what no other skincare company has ever done--we actually offer a natural laundry detergent (soapberry from Africa, India). Why, because there are 8,760 hours in most years, the vast majority spent with skin against fabric--yes, even if you sleep naked. While many of us have diagnosed allergies, so many more of us have undiagnosed micro reactions to the synthetic chemicals in mainstream laundry detergents. Check them out--we make almost no money by selling them--we just wholeheartedly use and believe in the product. We want everyone to have a soapberry tree in their backyard or rooftop or park.


Lastly, a company is often judged by the results of the things it does, but today, and moreso into the future, a company, especially a skincare company, will be the sum of what it doesn't and will not do. 


For instance, at kös we have not, nor will we ever, test a product on animals. We don't believe human health or human beauty need come at the expense of animals or the planet as a whole. 


At kös, our products do not come wrapped in highly embossed packaging. We highly prize our contents, we assign zero value to decorative, external packaging. 


When we see gloriously packaged skincare products we see remnants of a bygone era, no different to hunters killing swaths of birds for hat feathers, or elephants for ivory, or sharks for fins. The external packaging of a product has no correlation to the quality of its contents. Our products will always come with the historic benefits of amber glass or kraft paper. Everything we utilize in the production of kös organic skincare is either biodegradeable or recyclable and we still manage to produce the world's finest skincare products for men and women.

Press coverage
"Quite simply, the ultimate face kit!"
The Bare Necessities.. Your beauty basics!
Tatler - August 01, 2016
""I practically saw my skin’s texture improve before my eyes. Supremely unique, give it a try, you can thank me later." --face+TAMANU"
Saving Face -- 9 Luxurious Skincare Products
feminine collective - March 14, 2016
Eleni Tzimas
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Great!!!!! Loooove this!!!! What an amazing discovery!!!! One little drop of this magical potion erases all my undereye baggage..lines,darkness etc. all looks MUCH better!!!"
– Daniella van Graas-Tawil
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"My new addiction! I have a confession.... I used to do a terrible thing with Vick's Vapor Rub. I put it inside of my nose for a refreshing feeling/wake-up, and to soothe my parched sinuses. But the Vick's would burn, so I thought it best to try something natural instead--I decided to try KOS Organic Vapor (to do something nice for my body). Man, I love this stuff. The scent is incredible, and my nose feels comfy and soothed. The jar is huge, so this should last for a while!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Well that's different... What an extraordinary change to the usual 'scrubs'! All is not what it seems initially - that gentle formula has got some bite in it with the most subtle but abrasive action of the miniscule pumice pieces doing some great work (I'm rewarded with some pimples coming to the fore today - yay my skin can breathe now it seems). It's a real surprise package, I think, with the coconut oil in it allowing me to really work with it by massaging deep into my skin. Really looking forward to using this as my daily face cleanser forever - no tight feeling after cleansing with this mild but bitey combo " "
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