content_copy FAQs for kös organic skincare by kosmorganik


Do you have sunscreen?

We recommend using UV protective clothing to shield yourself and loved ones from the sun.

We also recommend getting at least 10-20 minutes of screen-free sun per day.

Note that when using sunscreens please exercise caution. The issue is more intricate than the simple theme of “slip, slop, slap, and often..”

Apart from oxides (zinc & titanium) all sunscreen ingredients are synthetic screens. They change the way skin produces melanin and have the ability to cause long term cancers other than those of the skin.

Additionally, Vitamin D deficiency diseases are rampant. Please know that for optimum health we require some exposure to the sun. Like grandma says, "Everything in moderation."

We also recommend eating foods high in vitamin D3 (mushrooms, wild salmon, tuna, sardines, eggs) though keep in mind these foods can never replace the sun. We highly recommend screening for Vitamin D on your next checkup. Vitamin D deficiency is no picnic.

If you must wear sunscreen use a 100% natural base with only oxides as sunscreen agents.

Often overlooked is the fact that many organic ingredients carry natural broad-spectrum sunscreen equivalents. These SPF equivalents generally range from 3 to 20.

For instance the organic avocado oil used in OrganicBody and Bugs repellent has a natural equivalent of 15. The organic coconut oil used in FacialScrub has a natural equivalent of 8. The organic shea butter in FacialScrub and Face+Tamanu ranges from a natural equivalent of 3 to 6. 

But the organic tamanu used in face+TAMANU, eye+TAMANU, and lip+TAMANU contains Sc Glucan which provides natural UV protection in that it prevents 85% of the DNA damage and oxidative stress induced by UV radiation at 1% concentration as a new biological UV filter with a SPF 18-22. (Eur J Pharm. Sci 2007 Mar;30(3-4):203-10. Epub 2006 Nov 9).

Our tamanu products are truly something! Be sure to check out the Tamanu Kit!


Does kös organic skincare have an auto-replenishment program?

It's on its way! Such a program is perfectly suited to our organic products. We believe in freshness. To ensure freshness kös comes packaged in small sizes, each enough to last you 30-60 days. We'd like our customers to have the freshest experience and believe an auto-replenishment program can greatly assist that endeavor. 

Note that each kös product has it's own usage cycle. OrganicMask for instance has sufficient ingredients for 12 masks. Customers using it daily will have a vastly different usage cycle than others using it weekly. 

Our preference and recommendation is to not commence the replenishment service until a) you're comfortable with the product's effectiveness; b) having determined your personal usage cycle for each product.

After that sign up, it's free! Enjoy the convenience of having fresh products on your schedule and receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • 5% off all replenishment orders
  • your items reserved & waiting for you
  • convenient credit card billing, easily amended frequency &/or pay method
  • no pressure, cancel anytime
  • if it works for you it works for us
We anticipate the kös organic skincare auto-replenishment program available soon. Any comments/questions please contact us at

    How do I cancel my kös replenishment service?

    We'd be sorry to hear you wish to cancel your service yet completely understand.

    If for instance you receive product too quickly we'd be happy to modify your delivery intervals. Simply contact with any questions on modifications. Please know that if canceling do so inside 15 days of your last order to stop any future replenishments from being shipped. Customer Support will confirm your cancellation within 48 hours. 

    Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes! And Europe! And Asia! And Oceana!

    Do you have makeup remover?

    We recommend removing makeup by using FacialScrub. Scoop a dime sized portion onto the palm of your hand, gently work it into makeup zones, ensuring breakdown of all makeup. Repeat if necessary but be sure to leave no residue. Follow with a fresh warm water rinse, finish your normal moisturizing routine.

    Remember most commercial makeup removers are mixes of synthetic chemicals, water, fragrance & preservatives. Unnecessary and crazy! 

    What is the shelf life of your products?

    kös organic skincare products are synthetic preservative free and possess a natural shelf life of six months. As each has an estimated use cycle ranging from 30-60 days there should never be a problem.

    Please remember kös products are potent, a little goes a long way, but to unlock their tremendous benefits they must be used.  kös organic skincare is designed to be used, really used. 

    Organic skincare should be treated no differently to organic produce in the fruit & vegetable section of your favorite supermarket. Always challenge the notion of a cosmetic labelled 'organic' (without use-by date) sitting on a regular supermarket shelf squeezed between diapers on one side and shampoo on the other! Is that the way we buy broccoli?


    Are your products gluten & soy free?



    Are your products vegan?

    Most! Exceptions being products containing organic beeswax and/or honey.

    Why do products sometimes vary in color?

    Our ingredients are organic, or in rare cases, wildcrafted (herbs harvested in the wild rather than cultivated). Natural crop variation, seasonality, location of harvest, can greatly affect coloration. Under no circumstances will we use synthetic dyes or additives to mask color variations. This we wear not only as a badge of honor but as proof of integrity! 


    Are kös products temperature sensitive?

    Yes, and no. Consistency of some products will change with higher ambient temperatures but quality will not. 

    Our products are formulated with organic oils, each with a different melting point. 

    Let's use FacialScrub with its organic coconut oil base as an example. The melting point of coconut and other oils is determined by their fatty acid content.

    The triglycerides in coconut oil consist of a mix of ten different fatty acids. Each fatty acid has its own melting point. Saturated fatty acids have a higher melting point than monounsaturated fatty acids, and monounsaturated fatty acids have a higher melting point than polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    Animal fat is highly saturated and a solid at room temperature but olive oil (monounsaturated fat) and corn oil (polyunsaturated fat) are liquid at the same temperature. Put olive oil in a refrigerator it will convert to a solid while corn oil will not.

    For best results keep kös products at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Know that cooling in the refrigerator will restore product unharmed to its original form.


    Are your products certified organic?

    All kös products are 100% free of synthetic ingredients, parabens, coal tar colors, synthetic preservatives, genetically modified organisms, & nanoparticles. Each ingredient arrives at kös certified organic with the rare exception of a few certified wildcrafted ingredients, myrrh, for example.

    So why do kös organic skincare products remain certification-free? 

    Seemingly each month brings a new association selling rights to an organic certification logo intended for display on packaging. Each logo differs in the percentage of organic content permissible and the amount of synthetics on their “acceptable” list.

    Please understand that as companies wishing to call themselves “natural” and "organic" proliferate they hunt for certifications to help sell products. Consider that many skincare companies & the conglomerates behind them often create tailor-made certifications.

    As more and more "organic" and "all-natural" logos appear in the marketplace emphasis shifts from actual ingredients to what might be classified as a relatively meaningless certification intended more as a marketing/sales device.

    Read the label! Please allow nothing to usurp your right to read, challenge and make informed choices about products you use on or in your body. Any questions please contact

    Once again, please don’t buy kös products simply because they're wholly premium organic. Buy them because they're the best AND wholly premium organic.

    Can I use kös while pregnant?

    All kös products are completely safe for pregnant women, nursing moms & babies!


    I'm confused. When and how should I use Facial4?

    Very few of us are blessed with beautiful, effortless skin. And if we were, what of the effects of stress, fatigue and aging?  Truth is great skin is mostly earned.

    Whether through the hormonal surge of puberty or those first signs of a face losing its elasticity, or after a lifetime of sun and surf, there is no better time to begin kös organic skincare than immediately. Better, long lasting results without the compound effects of synthetic chemicals is simply the right choice. 

    Remember our skin is not the enemy. It’s very much us and speaking but how much do we actually hear? Can we stop fighting it long enough to listen? Facial4 is a wonderfully simple 4-step organic ritual for great naturally alive skin, a skin synthetic chemicals can never hope to provide. It's that stark.


    I just started using Facial4, now I'm breaking out. Is this normal?

    As you might imagine it's perfectly normal to go through a detox period while transitioning out of synthetic skincare. For most this will be minor.

    This detox period offers the opportunity to deeply cleanse your skin & eliminate toxins from synthetic medications or other skincare regimens. This period will bring milia to the surface & eliminate them from the skin instead of creating long term bumps that will never go away.

    The transitional period can last a month or longer, and varies depending on skin type and how long you were on a synthetic regimen. If it lasts much longer you may be using Facial4 incorrectly. Talk to us, we're here to help you.

    One idea we recommend is that on Day Zero grab your phone and take a mugshot. Label it Day Zero. Say goodbye to that photo for 30 days. Continue to photograph each day for the first 30-days. You'll be tempted to peak at them along the way but best you can please resist. We'd like you to objectively view the natural progress after one usage cycle.

    How often should I exfoliate?

    Whether to exfoliate or not, and how often, is largely based upon personality and skin type.

    With extremely sensitive skin you should perhaps exfoliate just once a week, but FacialScrub is a mild exfoliant, intended for daily use. Use as directed with only the weight of your fingertips and even the most sensitive skin will flourish. You'll be surprised at the speed manuka honey soothes minor irritations.

    We highly recommend gentle daily exfoliation during the synthetic chemical detox period. That said it's always important to listen to your intuition.

    Can I use FacialScrub on my lips?

    Yes!  Like the skin around your eyes, the skin on your lips requires special care. We recommend the daily application of FacialScrub followed by lip+TAMANU and its powers of cicatrization and the power of a natural SPF equivalence of 18-22.