content_copy Letter from Eleni, founder of kös organic skincare & kosmorganik

Letter from Eleni

Let me share with you what I whisper to my baby as she sleeps in my arms. I try to whisper something different each time, stuff that matters, but this is the one that recurs most:

"You don't need makeup over your face to qualify as beautiful. Take your trillion cells and make them one. Focus on keeping it healthy. Feed and water it, exercise and love it, and best you can exclude toxins, and your cell will be beautiful and you will stand a great chance of health and happiness."

Another is: 

"Avoid refined sugar, don’t fall into the trap of saying everyone does it, or that I’ll run an extra mile tomorrow, for the compound damage of each extends way beyond the imaginable."

And another:

"Your body is your physical vehicle in this life, it can be a huge help or a great hindrance. Don't waste it, don't waste any opportunity to naturally improve it."

I know, I know, to you I must sound nuts, but years ago I did the same with my now 5-year old son and he's turned into a mother's dream! That's the way it is with passion. You're blinded to limitations, all you see is possibility.

At 13, I wanted to be a model. So I did some research and took the train into a rainy Manhattan. In the elevator up to the 7th floor I stood quietly armed with nothing but the intention of kicking down every door. Somewhere between the second and fifth floors a Wilhelmina scout named Karenlee grabbed my hand and said come with me! 

Now, a few minutes later, I'm 40!

I've run a marathon in a business renowned for sprints. I've seen the world. I've been pushed and prodded into and out of corporate dreams, and I've most certainly been covered with every makeup and hairspray, hair dye and nail polish, moisturizer and toner, perfume and powder ever devised by mankind.

Sometimes I look back and see myself as a crash test dummy--what I endured professionally, everyone else did and still does voluntarily. At one level, it made total sense, but at another, no sense at all.

For years, I watched professionals use products on me only after they'd wrapped and protected themselves in rubber gloves, aprons and in some cases even masks! Hmmm..

But what about me? What of my skin? What of my hair? What of my organs? No one had an answer for the little girl beyond 'you'll be fine.'

As an adult I know that's the way we're expected to live. Do what we're supposed to do, do what everyone else does, don't rock the boat. My world was hair and makeup. If I wanted to work then I had little choice, but I had a secret.

Without ado, I began experimenting with different forms of detox. While ramping up my health, fitness and diet, I explored different methods of detoxification--60-day cleanses, colonics, water pills, water enemas, coffee enemas, coconut pulling, hot springs sulfur baths, acupuncture, scalding foot baths, vitamin pills, herbal teas, herbal baths, facials so deep they called them extractions--I wanted those toxins out!

That said, I'd forever had borderline problematic skin, my face always on the cusp of explosion. Like everyone else I wanted perfect skin but how to get it? Like everyone else I migrated from one brand & product to another, to another, even at one stage, signing up for monthly deliveries of peroxides and acids. Sure I lost pimples but my entire face went LUNAR--bleached, gray, cratered, and dead!

There had to be another way. And so began the confluence of life's seemingly random events. The past met the present which met the future and I became one--kös organic skincare (although at the time I had no idea).

By heritage, I'm Greek. Greeks believe fine olive oil courses through their veins and that there's nothing it can't cure. So began my experimentation with oils and with it a cornerstone of the kös map. By the way, olive oil failed my face.

My exposure to herbal teas and baths revealed the tip of a latent passion for botany and herbalism. Assign whatever values you wish to modern medicine but in the process do not discount the power of nature. Since well before Hippocrates, the power of herbs has coursed the history of medicine. And so came the second kös cornerstone.

My legitimate loathing of toxins and the flip attitude of these massive corporations toward the health and welfare of their unsuspecting customers, coupled with a complete lack of government oversight in an industry described by insiders as the 'wild, wild west,' should enrage each of us. What's so wrong with the idea of safe, effective products? Something that helps one part of you without hurting another? Meet the third cornerstone.

But while these are three massive drivers behind my own experimentations, never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me as something for anyone else. I wanted perfect skin. I wanted health. The more I learned the more I realized my goal could never be achieved through synthetic chemicals, certainly not the way the conglomerates were going about it. To them, it was a game of sales and marketing. I couldn't understand why premium organic herbs were only being toyed with.

The final cornerstone on this map now known as kös organic skincare was the birth of my children. No matter what I myself was prepared to and had endured, it would be a cold day in hell before I'd let any of it near my children.

I've taken decades of personal knowledge and experience, and transformed my life, my home into a toxin-free zone. For six years, I've done little else but research and hone effective products for the purpose of excluding other products, always for the exclusive use of my family. Now, by popular demand, it's ready for you.

Know that if it says kös, it says me. Know that if it says me, it says my kids. Know that if it says my kids, it's toxin-free, organic, safe and thoroughly EFFECTIVE!

Welcome to kös organic skincare!

p.s. One last thing. It would be remiss of me not to thank those of other centuries, of other millennia, those of tiny islands in the South Pacific, those of ancient Australia, those of Asia and India and the subcontinent, those in the Middle East, those in Africa, those in ancient Europe, and those native to the Americas. They toiled and experimented, often with a solitary local ingredient, knowing cures for all their ills were limited to it. Through trial and I'm sure much error, they unlocked the potential of that solitary ingredient, and secrets on how to bypass its often poisonous defenses, to all these years later pass it to kös organic skincare and us of the 21st century--to all those thousands of years and billions of people I say thank you. 

Love and peace to all!



Me, at 45,  doing what I want to do.... with my children and on the beach. 

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