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  • A cup of mBath may do more than you imagine! Each of our 37 trillion cells requires magnesium. Unlike its more famous cousin calcium, magnesium is the workhorse responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions ranging from transmission of nerve impulses to liver detoxification, temperature regulation, to almost everything cardiovascular. But estimates have 90% of us as mg deficient. o Why deficient? Depleted topsoil, junk diet, fluoride/chlorine in water supplies, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, cannabis, caffeine, STRESS! o Signs of mg deficiency are often confused with serious ailments: muscle spasms, cramps, twitching, anxiety/depression, fatigue, constipation, migraines, high blood pressure, hypertension, sleep problems, low energy, bone health, impaired memory/thinking. o mBath is a simple, fast and fun way to not only replenish magnesium levels but also a chance to wash away misdiagnosed symptoms and their accompanying treatments. o mBath and mg+ spray are 2 very simple ways to quickly determine how many of your aches and pains, headaches and fatigues are due to a mineral deficiency. o To learn more on this important subject we recommend reading: "The Magnesium Miracle" by Dr. Carolyn Dean 

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